Friday, 1:30pm EST

I talked at length with Dr. Tatter while Chad was in recovery.
He is still in recovery, and I’ve yet to see him.
I’m told he’s doing well, and the surgery went very well.
There was an issue with his IV toward the end of the procedure, but all is well. He is out of anesthesia and was talking to nurses, according to Dr. Tatter.

Right now, we are to pay careful attention to positional headaches, headaches that come and go very quickly – in a matter of seconds – and are relieved by sitting up or laying down. This would signal an adjust needs to be made with the drainage valve level. It’s just an adjustment period now, and making sure Chad’s symptoms are alleviated.

I asked about the shunt’s removal — and was a little surprised to hear it should be considered a permanent fixture. It will be removed in the event of complications, but that is very rare.
The type of tumor Chad has is very likely to recur at some point. Even with extensive chemo and radiation treatments, there will be a time where will probably have to start this journey all over again. In that event (hopefully many, many years from now), a shunt will be helpful and allow his medical team to accurately access his situation.

I am thrilled that the surgery is over and very patiently awaiting for Chad to return to his room. I know he has to be starving!
I didn’t have time to plan for this trip, so I don’t have my camera. I’m curious as to what the new incision will look like, as I’m sure many of you are too. I’m not sure that a camera phone picture will be very clear, but I may try it anyway.

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  1. mel owens says:

    Hang in there. We are praying hard for you all. I’m so sorry that you all are going through this but you are not alone. A friend of mine starts chemo tomorrow. She had ovarian cancer. They just removed a tumor the size of a soccer ball a few weeks ago. Another friend of mine just had her ninth surgery since Dec.due to leaks from gastric bypass. She has four kids, single mom, out of work(no help from the gov.-the system sucks). So anyone who reads this please include the ladies in yor prayers. Thanks


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