One Week Old

Last Wednesday afternoon, Fiona was acting awfully strange.
We knew when she was due to deliver. Kind of. We were off by about two weeks, turns out.

She would not stop meowing, and literally jumped in my lap & got in my face – complete with her paws on my chest. Poor kittiesthing. She was scared to death. Having birthed a baby or two of my own, I can understand that. It’s a scary thing to feel a little alien trying to push itself from your body. It’s terrifying, really.

Carys & I took her upstairs to the nesting box we had made a few few weeks back, and she crawled right in. I thought she was settled, but no. Every time we tried to leave her alone for some privacy, she was right behind us — crying and pacing. So, we sat. And we waited.

And after 45 minutes of answering, “Are they born yet, Mommy?” and hearing, “My tummy is hungry!“, Carys and I witnessed the first little kitten be born. Carys was so excited; thrilled even. And even though she didn’t actually “see” the birth itself, she saw the kitten, still in its sack. She was amazed. And it was the perfect entry for me to explain where babies come from. But not in too much detail – she is only five! I just had to set the record straight that babies actually do come from a mommy’s belly; and we do not wait in line at Toys’R’Us to pick one out.

carys-kittyA couple hours later, Fiona was done with the birthing business. She had three kittens total, which thrilled me. My evil funny neighbors joked that we would have at least 5 or 6; the thought of which just made me panic. How would we find homes for 5 or 6?
Three? I can handle three!
I think they all have homes already, or at least two of them do. Maybe.

Not only do I have to repeatedly tell my girls not to run with scissors, hit each other with various objects, stick out their tongues or keep their fingers out of their noses — I also have to tell them to leave the blasted kittens alone! They sneak upstairs to see the babies when they think I’m not paying attention. And now Fiona is relocating the kittens every chance she gets…under the girls’ bed.
Just add the chore of re-relocating kittens to my daily tasks!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hey, we had a littler of kitten waaaaay back and it was fun! The more snuggle time you can get these kittens, the more loving they will be for a nice family pet. We learned that the hard way with one that stuck close to it’s mama so we never handled him much. He never sat on a lap, nothing.


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