What day is it?

Excuse the confusion on my part. It’s been a strange week.
It was Spring Break around these parts, so Carys had the week off from preschool as well.
I peppered some much-needed appointments into the week’s schedule, and called in reinforcements (aka Nana).
Tuesday, I had to be up & at ’em bright & early for a dental visit, complete with a cleaning and filling repair. Not my favorite part, but I do love my dentist. She’s fabulous.
Later that same day, my mom & Carys had their cleanings. So we were a bunch of cleaned-toothed (or is it teethed?) ladies around here.

On Wednesday, Carys & I had a much anticipated Mommy-Daughter Day. I let her pick whatever she wanted to do, which I promptly regretted. Fortunately, she didn’t demand we visit Miley Cyrus or go to Build-a-Bear. She wanted to go to lunch. Just us big girls. At the Japanese place we both love. What I didn’t tell her was that she had an endocrinology appointment at 1pm….see, I buttered her up to take her to the doctor. Mommies are sneaky like that.
Fortunately, the doctor visit was short and sweet. No dreaded blood draws. No panicking five-year-olds leached to my leg, screaming at the top of her lungs that I was the worst.mommy.ever.
So, then Carys has the bright idea for ice cream.
I oblige. It’s not every day a genius preschooler calls the shots, so I just rolled with it.
We giggled over small scoops of dairy heaven, and called it a day.

You know that part in movies, where you know something is about to happen, and they play that little musical segue.
Well, please insert that musical segue here.

“Mommy…my ear hurts.”

Ruh-oh Shaggy.
I ask her a few questions and immediately dial the pediatrician, who is #7 in my cell’s speed dial, FYI.
Apparently, the office is short-staffed due to some swanky new CPR training. I make an appointment for the following morning, and try in vain to recall the phone number of the office we used for Carys’ ear tubes. (Yea, don’t get me started – no tube in the right ear, and this is the 3rd ear infection since it’s come out! Left ear with tube = happy little ear with no problems)

As soon as we pull into the driveway, she tells me she thinks it hurts really bad.
Which is telling. This child doesn’t complain. Ever. Well, about hurts & pains and stuff. Other complaining…she all about that!
I walk in, tell my mom we’re leaving. Again. Straight to Urgent Care we go.

We just beat the after-work crowd that frequents Urgent Care. We don’t have to wait long at all, and I was so glad. You should have seen the menagerie of people strolling in the door as soon as 5:00 passed.

We left there with a hefty prescription.
For an ear infection.
a sinus infection.
a stinkin’ urinary tract infection.
That poor child! She’s not said one word about feeling bad – and she usually doesn’t. I am getting really concerned about her kidneys since she has no symptoms, and has had UTIs constantly for the last 18 months without anyone catching on.

So, we’re on the path to being well.

Well, not exactly.

I was warned that the medicine was strong and it may upset her tummy.
And it did.
No further details, because I doubt you need further details after the words tummy + upset.

What I did not know is that her bouts of tummy + upset, weren’t actually from the antibitoics.

I, naively, thought it was the medicine until about 10:37 last night.
That’s about the time I thought my innards wanted to permanently reside outside of my body.
I slept laid on the couch, clenching a bucket and running to the bathroom every 10 minutes, until 3am when I refused to watch any more infomercials and ‘8Os reruns.

And what’s even worse?
We passed it around to Miss Hannah.
I am SO sorry Jones family – I had no idea we were harboring a tummy bug.
I really hope that no one else in our household (or theirs) gets it.
It was short-lived, but it was also quite heinous in the wee hours of the morning.
I feel much better today, but my tummy is a little touchy.

So, what day is it?
Friday, you say?
I seem to remember something about cooking on Fridays?
Um. Yea. That’s not happening today.
Unless I can make a feast from a few stale, crumbly saltines and generic diet Sprite.

Have a good weekend.
Hopefully, I’ll have something more jolly for you the next time I come ’round. 😉

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3 Responses to What day is it?

  1. Aunt Carmen says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the sickness in the Lanford household.It sure sounds as if you have had a busy week. I hope everyone is feeling better real soon and can enjoy some of the weekend. Hugs and kisses!

  2. Meg says:

    Oh girl, you’ve had a rough week! I hope everyone is feeling back to normal soon!

  3. Carla says:

    I hope everyone is feeling better on this gorgeous Saturday. No need to apologize! Hannah is feeling much better. So far so good on the rest of us!
    I totally disinfected the house so maybe that is the end of that!

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