Miraculous things are happening around the Lanford House.
Chad has been talking so much more since yesterday.
He responded to some emails.
The Tarheels beat Nova last night – the miraculous thing about that is we were both awake to watch it.

And this morning, Chad said he might want me to take him to work tomorrow.
Tomorrow. As in Monday, April Sixth. The day after today.
Before surgery, he has told his boss he anticipated being out for about two weeks. Of course, this was before we knew what recovery would be like. He is getting better every and I’m sure a good whopping dose of normalcy would be good for him.
But I just worry that his extreme boredom may cause him to do too much to soon.

He may change his mind by tomorrow, based on his sleep quality tonight.
We’ll see.

I’m glad he’s bored. Boredom sparks change. And change is good, at least for us. Especially for Chad.
I’m glad he’s feeling better.
I’m glad he’s talking. I was starting to talk to myself. And I was irritating myself. Really.
I’m glad he’s feeling like going outside,  even though I have to fuss at him every time I see him wandering in the woods, clearing debris – or walking around the front yard with a shovel.
I’m glad he’s sleeping well, because it really makes a huge difference.
I’m glad the girls are handling all of this stress well.
I’m glad the sun is out and it’s gorgeous outside.
I’m glad today is the last day of his steroid weaning. I think it will make a huge difference once that is all out of his system.

I’ll let you know how tomorrow shakes out…

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