Update Saturday at 9:45am & 10:30am

I meant to post last night after I saw Chad, but I was exhausted!
We just arrived at the Neuro ICU area, only to be told that he was getting an MRI and would be back shortly.
And then we find out he’s going straight to the patient floor instead of ICU when he comes back. This is fantastic news!
I bet the nurses couldn’t take his shameless flirting any longer…what can I say, he takes after David Stanley.

When I saw him last night, he looked great, but was obviously tired and doped up. He looked really, really good though. We rustled up some soup from the nurse’s pantry so he could eat. I can’t imagine being without food for so long!

10:30am Update: He’s back from MRI and in room A563 (Ardmore Tower, Neuro Floor).
I have a direct phone number, but I won’t post it today. He looks good, but is feeling kind of crummy and tired. When he’s able to move around and walk, I’ll be more open to some phone calls. I’ve been sharing your comments & emails with him, and he’s been very appreciative (at least I think so, in between his eyelids fluttering).

His head looks great – there are no staples this time, and it looks like they were able to use the exact same entry from the last surgery, so the scar won’t be any more visible or larger. I think the recovery period is a little rougher on him than last time, but I keep reminding myself that the surgery was not invasive the first time around. There was no poking, prodding or cutting with round one. This time, there was. I would expect him to feel like getting up to sit in a standard chair, or even walk a few steps tomorrow.
They removed about a golf ball-size amount of diseases tissue from his head. While they didn’t get it all, this is a tremendous amount; a huge step!

That’s all for now – I’ll talk to you later!

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3 Responses to Update Saturday at 9:45am & 10:30am

  1. Aunt Carmen says:

    So glad Chad is doing so well and so fast. Don’t do too much too soon though Chad! Hope you are on your way home very soon!
    Keep on getting better! Hope you are getting some rest too Skye.
    We Love you guys!

  2. Carla says:

    Yeah! Yeah! Get plenty of rest! Both of you!

  3. Jessica Kuse says:

    This is wonderful news! You both will continue to be in my prayers. Get some rest!

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