Saturday, 4pm

Chad is getting pretty uncomfortable in the bed. He never sits still at home, so it’s quite a challenge to keep him tethered to a bed (literally and figuratively speaking).

Earlier, he stood and paced around the room. He sat back down.
Then, about 30 minutes ago, he did a lap around the floor. Then another. And another.
He is supposed to have those pesky leg massagers on — until he can successfully walk three laps around the floor.
In true Chad fashion, he did them all at once, even after I asked him to take it easy.
He did well, though.

I did notice a few things while he was walking that I’ve mentioned to the nurse – like he’s dragging his right foot a bit, and he was bumping into things on his right. And he’s got a little peripheral vision issue with his right eye. I’m sure these things are all pretty common for this stage, so I’m not too concerned. I mean goodness, they thought he would be paralyzed at this point — it’s amazing that he’s able to walk around as well as he did.

He’s still pretty tired, and it’s a good thing that he’s here during March Madness – it gives him something to watch at least.

We’re still waiting to talk to one of his doctors. The nurses are doing a great job checking in and making sure he’s comfortable.
He’s able to eat real food today, so I made my way downstairs to get him his first feast – baked chicken with some rice and veggies. He inhaled it.
And then there was mention of a frozen coffee. I think he was more excited about that then the food!

Everything’s going well — I’ll keep you posted.

Oh – many of you have asked about the girls. They’re great. Chad’s cousin (and one of my best friends), Shannon, has them for the weekend. I talked to them this morning and they are having a great time. My mom will pick them up tomorrow and then their little routine will be back to normal with school next week.
THANK YOU SHANNON & TODD! Love you guys! 🙂

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2 Responses to Saturday, 4pm

  1. Sabrina & Jeff says:

    We are so excited to hear how well Chad is doing! He is such a strong & determined man. Tell him we said hello and we are happy to hear all the great news.

  2. Carla says:

    So, who is Chad pulling for in the March Madness Tournament?
    Go Heels!
    Get well soon Chad!

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