The NYC Chronicles

Snippets from conversations & a few tales during our wonderful stay in NYC…

We went to Benihana for dinner the second night.
And I met:
NYC 2010 080

Tracy Morgan.
Not a great shot of me – and he looks less than happy, too.
But he did preface my photo opportunity by saying he had to pee….so….
And I also found out that onions give him gas.
Fun times.

We went to Macy’s.
Oh, my. It’s bigger than you think it is.


FYI — chestnuts roasting on a street cart smell pretty nasty.
I heard they taste good.
But I couldn’t do it.

Carys: Wow. The subway smells like chicken nuggets.

Really? I didn’t know chicken nuggets smelled like that….

NYC 2010 171

NYC 2010 025

Cailyn in the subway: LOOK!!! A mouse!

That’s not a mouse.

The view of the city from 31 floors up was spectacular.

NYC 2010 019

51 floors up was pretty special, too.
I can only imagine how beautiful it is in the Summer…

NYC 2010 015

The Rockefeller Christmas tree was amazing.
And huge.
Amazingly huge.


The festively decorated storefronts were amazing.
The girls were mesmerized.

NYC 2010 115NYC 2010 113NYC 2010 114085084083NYC 2010 125

Cailyn’s favorite thing to do on the subway:

NYC 2010 138

Carys liked riding…

NYC 2010 133

Carys: “Mr. Chris, do you know what you’re supposed to do to strangers?”
We all panicked….
“You bite ’em. My mommy told me that…”.
I think the men sitting next to her changed seats after that. At least she listens to my mommy-babble. Sometimes.

When Cai wasn’t asleep, she was dancing…
NYC 2010 280

We ventured to Chinatown, which is one of my favorite trips.
We saw lots of new things.

NYC 2010 175NYC 2010 176NYC 2010 179

From my FaceBook page:

I like it when I’m walking down the street & men
are tempting me with whispers about Tiffany,
diamonds, cashmere & purses. It’s like a dream
come true…but my dreams usually don’t require subtitles.
Go figure…

A petite woman asked us if we wanted a purse.
We said yes.
Then followed her quick-paced weaving through streets to an “office” building.
No offices there. Just fake storefronts and many, many lookouts for the fake purse market.

I kind of felt like Carrie Bradshaw for a while.
It was a little intimidating, and it was NO joke.
Thankfully, my fabulous tour guides were well versed in how-to-behave-properly-while-obtaining-copycat-merchandise.
I think it’s New Yorker 101.

And I have a great bag to show for it!

On Thursday, I also met a few ladies that I have been friends with since 2003.
I’ve never met them in person – we’re message board buddies. Long story for another time.
But it was great to meet them!

NYC 2010 147

Cailyn: Mommy! Someone dropped a bunch of candy on the steps!!!

NYC 2010 149

It’s just Dylan’s Candy Bar.

We visited Max Brenner on New Year’s Eve.
And had chocolate for dinner.

I had S’Mores something-or-other. And chocolate stout – also referred to as Big Girl Chocolate Milk.

NYC 2010 269

Cailyn had something called a star-something chocolate waffle.
With gummy bears.
And vanilla bean ice cream.
And chocolate sauce.
And sugar.

NYC 2010 270

Carys had chocolate crepes.
And a sugar high.
In case you can’t tell…
NYC 2010 271

More to come.

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  1. amy says:

    Happy New Year Lanford Ladies!!! I loved the pics, looks like you girls had a blast. Sending much love for the new year!

  2. Bl1944 says:

    Glad yas had a good time, Carys looks like she is on a 5lb. bag of sugar high in the pic

  3. Mamachesnutt says:

    Awesome pics, really love the one w Tracy Morgan, ill think of u when I watch cop out!!!

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