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scenes from the last few days

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Letting Go

I have had a list of things to accomplish since your death. Most of it was paperwork, tedious and sad. There are two things remaining on the list; both large tasks to be checked off. One of the items entails … Continue reading

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Mental Fitness

My body is exhausted. I sleep and sleep and sleep. Yet I still feel like I’ve been running around all day. My poor children know to keep it quiet when Mommy has to rest or take a nap. I feel … Continue reading

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The night time

The night time is hard. The daylight fades and things become hidden in darkness. Still. Quiet. Not quite as real, especially to little ones. Carys has been pretending that Chad is just at work for a little over a week … Continue reading

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Girl Scout Cookies

I cannot believe that I forgot to include this information on the blog. Carys is selling cookies this year (yay!) The first order is due, well, immediately. If you saw my message on FaceBook, I have your order and it … Continue reading

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Catching up

There are days when I think about blogging, days I think about doing laundry, days I think about taking the girls to the movies and forgetting everything else that needs to be done around here. There is so much to … Continue reading

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Two Months

Dear Chad, I can hardly believe two months have passed. I’ll repeat what I’ve said before – it seems totally unfair that life keeps going, full speed, without you in it. There have been a million little things I’ve wanted … Continue reading

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The NYC Chronicles

Snippets from conversations & a few tales during our wonderful stay in NYC… We went to Benihana for dinner the second night. And I met: Tracy Morgan. Not a great shot of me – and he looks less than happy, … Continue reading

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We’re alive. We’re back from New York. My house is a disaster. The kids are back at school. One dog is driving me crazy. It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks. But I’ll be back soon. When I can … Continue reading

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