One of the hardest things I’ve done during this journey is compile images to make a slideshow of Chad’s life.
Looking through pictures, remembering better times and actually seeing a life represented in snapshots was extremely difficult.
I’m glad I have it though. I shared it with Chad a few times in October and November, to help him remember.

We played it Saturday at his Memory Party and I kept turning around to look at it.
I laughed.
I cried.
I smiled.

What a beautiful, beautiful life we’ve shared.


Patience – Guns N Roses (his all-time favorite song)

You Make It Real – James Morrison

Remember When – Alan Jackson

Feels Like Home – Chantal Kreviazuk

Awake – Josh Groban

A special thanks to Ted Atchley who put this together for me.

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10 Responses to Slideshow

  1. Mary (hospice home) says:

    Thanks for sharing Skye! It's always wonderful to get glimpse into the lives of our patients. As you know Chad was so special to us, and so are you!


    Mary (hospice home)

  2. Aunt Carmen & Uncle Robby says:

    This was beautiful Skye! I couldn't bring myself to watch it the day of the Memory Party but today I did. I still cried but I was smiling the whole time. What a wonderful chronicle of Chad's life and your life together as a family. The girls will cherish this one day. We Love You!

  3. Marsha Lamb says:

    Still praying for this family!

  4. celest says:

    Such beautiful memories that you and the girls will carry forever more! You can look at your beautiful girls everyday and see Chad! God bless you and your beautiful girls! xoxoxo

  5. Mike_vandop says:

    I have followed your journey for a very long time. I admire you and pray for you often! What a beautiful memory you have created for your girls.

  6. Meg says:

    Skye, that was such a beautiful tribute to Chad's life. It is so obvious that he lived his life with enthusiasm and love and happiness. Your girls will forever be grateful that you have so many pictures of him with them. They will always know what a wonderful, loving, and involved daddy they had. ((hugs))

  7. Jproffitt says:

    Oh Skye,

    That was so beautiful. What a testimony to Chad's life you have created. I continue to pray for you and the girls everyday for the strength you need to keep going. I know he is smiling down on you and the girls all the time. God bless you…

  8. Sherri C. says:

    Skye –

    Esteban and I watched your beautiful tribute this morning. We loved seeing Carys, Cailyn, and Chad as babies. The pictures were so precious. Thank you for sharing your life – joy, tears, and healing with us all. My heart and prayers will be with you as you spend this precious week away with your sweet gals. Give Carys and Cailyn a great big “Carys Squeeze” from me.

    Love You Skye,

    Sherri C.

  9. Heather F says:

    I just watched this. And cried. And cried. What a beautiful tribute. You remain in my thoughts and prayers daily. God has surely armored you with amazing strength and GRACE. You are such an inspiration to me. You, Carys and Cailyn were so lucky to have Chad. And he was so, so lucky to have you. God always has a plan, He gives us what we need. And I am so glad you all had each other. Hugs to you, Skye.

  10. Pastorron7 says:

    Skye, Thanks so much for that. You don't know how it touched out hearts. You're still in our prayers; love ya! I was so glad to be able to perform your wedding. I always thought ( and still do) that you made the perfect couple.

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