weekend roundup 11.06 – 11.07.2010

The weather was beautiful at my house Saturday morning.
A great day for a walk.
Yet, it wasn’t so beautiful in Raleigh, only thirty minutes away.
TeamLANFORD braved the elements and walked…in the rain!
Thank you all!
We raised so much more than I could have ever imagined.
And I thank you, sincerely.
You all made a huge difference to families just like my own.

The half-way point for the walk was the Hospice House, so I snuck inside briefly to say hello to Chad.
He was a awake, but very drowsy.
Cailyn and Carys both said hello and gave him a quick kiss — and then we were on our way again.

The girls & I, along with a couple of friends, were dead last to finish the walk.
It’s hard to keep a decent pace when two little ladies have to constantly use the bathroom, be carried or take a break.
But we made it to the end.

I am proud to announce that our team raised the most money for the walk.
My goal was $1,500 and I’m not exactly sure what the final count was.
I DO know it was over $3,000!
I am so excited for what we’ve accomplished — and so very proud to have such wonderful friends & family members.
And even strangers — you guys rock!

After the walk, I grabbed some lunch and stayed with Chad for a little while.
He was very sleepy and couldn’t keep his eyes open. He wasn’t necessarily sleeping, just laying with his eyes shut.
I left after a couple of hours, promising to come back again the next day.

We spent the evening with family at my aunt’s lakehouse.
A lovely end to a lovely day (once we all thawed out and dried out, that is).

After excitedly realizing time had changed (woohoo, daylight savings…), I made my way over to Hospice around lunch time.
Chad was sleeping, but I was told that he had a little period of alertness first thing this morning.
He was able to feebly squeeze my hand in response to pain, but there wasn’t much talking.
His parents arrived and his dad gave him a shave.
I’ve tried to do that myself, but I always feel like I am hurting him — so I am thankful that he’s getting a decent shave from someone who actually has experience doing it.

He was asleep for the majority of my stay today, but did open his eyes a few times.
He did drink some today, tea and juice.

The nurse mentioned to me that they have started to put a pillow between Chad’s knees at all times. His legs are now so bony and he knocks them together constantly. Can’t feel good.
I love the way they care for him; I really do. They are so caring and thoughtful – they have all come to love Chad as a part of their family.

I’m hoping that tomorrow will be a good day.
I haven’t gotten to spend my normal amount of time with Chad over the last couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to being there for his alert moments.

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One Response to weekend roundup 11.06 – 11.07.2010

  1. Betty Anne says:


    Many, many congratulations on your very successful Lanford Run on Sat.. Sorry for the rainy weather but your friends and family surely did not let that keep them from running/walking.

    Prayers continue to be with you and your family.

    Hugs to you and the girls,

    Betty Anne, FSV

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