daily update 10.11.2010

Chad was very quiet today. Quite lethargic.
I stayed for a few hours, and he was moving his legs restlessly, but not trying to get out of bed. Just moving.
I helped him stretch the left one by gently bending his knee and then extend it. I repeated until he got tired.
I tried to help him stretch the right leg, but it wasn’t comfortable for him to bend it.
I rubbed some oil on his feet, massaged his legs, clipped his finger nails.
All stuff I do on a regular basis. He just didn’t ‘help’ much today.

I left around 2:45 to pick Carys up from school and Chad was very drowsy.
He puckered his lips a few times to kiss me goodbye.

I called to check in on him tonight around 11pm and was told he was doing well.
The nurse was actually in the room with him when I called, so she gave him the phone so I could say hello.

After some prompting from her, Chad finally said, “Hi, Skye” very weakly.
I asked him a few questions, with no response.
After a few more prompts from the nurse, Chad told me “bye” and I resumed my conversation with the nurse.

He was having a ‘good’ night, comfortable, but not very chatty.

The girls and I played a karaoke game on the Wii before bedtime.
It’s a little too old for them, even though it is High School Musical – they know all the words, but I think they got stage fright singing in front of Nana and I.

They slept well, with a small hiccup shortly after bedtime.
Cailyn insisted on taking a cup of water to her room, “in case I get da firsties tonight.”

I understand. I get da firsties a lot at night.
I warned her about drinking and then going to sleep – she might wet the bed, I explained.

And guess what…
I was right.
Just another day in paradise.
Cleaning and replacing bed linens when all I wanted to do is crawl in my own bed and relax.
She went back to sleep quickly, though.

And I successfully trained LucyLu to sleep in her dog bed instead of on top of me in my bed.
A bed to myself.
What a novel idea!

Until, of course, Cailyn found her way to my bed in the wee hours of the morning.
I don’t mind sharing my bed with them.
Until, of course, I get repeatedly kicked and haphazardly slapped in the face by a slumbering preschooler.

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  1. TraciDove says:

    Our bed is the same…Just when we think we are alone, I hear the pitter patter of Anna Dove's little feet!

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