Weekend Roundup (9.10 – 9.12.2010)

Another good day.
Chad was talking pretty well and had an appetite larger than normal, although not as much as Thursday. He drank well and took his medications without any problems.
I gave him a slight haircut and trimmed the hair on the back of his neck.
I spent the night with him, mostly because I found out Chad had an emotional evening on Thursday. He was laughing, then crying mere moments later, in cycles. I asked him about it on Friday, but he couldn’t quite remember what had upset him.
I wheeled him outside for a bit in the evening air. It was a nice night; a little crisp. A sign of Fall right around the corner.
He was desperately trying to tell me something, but got stuck: “I just want to make sure….”
I could never quite guide him to find the words he was searching for.
Neither of us slept well. Chad was restless; continuously trying to get out of bed. Finally, around 2:30am, one of the nurses got him out of bed and wheeled him to the nurse’s station with them. It’s his routine, I hear.

Still a “good” day.
He slept a little bit more than he did Friday and Thursday.
I ran some errands while he was sleeping soundly and returned to spend the night with him again.
I brought him some food, which he didn’t want. But I tried.
We both slept soundly; he woke up around 5am with some head pain. After he received his pain medication, he drifted off to sleep for a few more hours.

I woke up and headed out for some breakfast around 9am.
I returned around 10am, and heard that he was calling for me. I hate that he thought I left without telling him goodbye.
He was seated in his recliner at the nurse’s station when I got back, and looked so very sleepy.
He indicated he was having more pain than normal, so he received an extra dose of morphine.
He’s been having some back and neck pain, probably from laying in the same position in the bed for so long.
The nurses thought it would be a great idea to get him into the jacuzzi tub for a bit, in hopes of relaxing him and soothing his aching muscles.
It did the trick – he was so relaxed and extremely tired after. The staff put him back to bed, and he stayed there for most of the day.
We did wheel him into the sunroom for a change of scenery at one point, but he didn’t stay there long. He ate a small amount of macaroni salad and had a little bit of a milkshake, but nothing substantial.

He had quite a few visitors today, but slept through it. I did wake him around 3:45, to let him know some of his visitors were leaving, and that I needed to get back to the girls. His parents were still there, and I hope they were able to have a good visit with him before they had to leave.

I called to check on him this evening, around 8:30. He was, again, at the nurse’s station. I asked if he wanted to speak with me – and he did. We spoke briefly.

Me: Hey – how are you feeling?
He: Okay.
Me: I heard you were having a snack…
He: Yea.
Me: Are you having cookies?
He: I….Yea.
Me: You had me worried, sleeping so much today. Are you feeling better?
Me: You had a lot of visitors today. Do you remember who came to see you?
He: Yea.
Me: Your parents, Donna & Sandy, Wayne & Candy…
He: Yea, oh, I don’t remember.
Me: That’s okay. They just wanted you to know they were thinking of you.
He: Okay.
Me: I will be back tomorrow after I take Carys to school. Okay? I love you.
He: Yea.

I hope he has a quiet, restful night.
And a quiet, restful week, too.

I suspect he was exhausted today from all the activity since Thursday. He’s had so many coworkers and friends stop by in the last few days. I guarantee you that he is enjoying that immensely, even if he doesn’t seem like it.

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3 Responses to Weekend Roundup (9.10 – 9.12.2010)

  1. Pieter says:

    You do not know me but I am a Facebook friend of Susie. Be assured I pray for you, Chad and the children. You are doing a wonderful job keep us up to date with news about Chad…

  2. Pastorron7 says:


    We're keeping up to date and continue to pray for you both.

  3. Dwhitehead says:

    Thank you for writing your feelings down. I feel like I am there. You really could write a book. I pray for you and Chad and your family everyday! Our office is praying too! God Bless you all!
    Dina Whitehead
    c/o Amber Ferrell
    Macclenny Primitive Baptist Church

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