Daily Update 9.1.2010

The girls, Nana & I stopped in to see Chad after school.
He was in a pretty good mood and we wheeled him into the kitchen to have a family dinner.
He ate a few bites, but nothing substantial.

The nursing staff have tried to address his issue with trying to get out of bed so frequently.
At first, the adult briefs were enough to keep from trying to get up.
They then had to use a condom catheter, which didn’t stay in place very well.
Yesterday, at some point, they ended up putting in a foley catheter, which is a tube that runs into his bladder.
He was retaining some urine and not able to empty when he did need to use the bathroom.
This should help tremendously – but he doesn’t like it. Poor fella.

He was a bit agitated last night and the night before, but the nurses have learned what to do when he does get annoyed.
They wheel him out to the nurses station to give him a change of scenery and to let him see what goes on behind the scenes.
I’m sure it helps him to see what they are doing when they are not in the room with him at all times.

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