Daily update 8.31.2010

I realize I skipped a couple of days.

There hasn’t bee much to report, which is a good thing. I suppose.

Chad is about the same.
He is weak, but still tries to escape the bed every chance he gets.
He can’t quite make it to the bathroom, so his bed alarm mostly goes off when he’s wet. He can’t stand that feeling, and I completely understand that.
Poor guy.

His left leg is till weak, although I don’t think it’s any worse than Saturday.
He finds it hard to stand for more than a few seconds and walking alone is impossible He may make it a few steps, but that’s it. He needs someone on each side to adequately help him get around. And he can’t really help much — so he is in bed most of the time, or in his wheelchair if he feels up to it.

The nursing staff is just wonderful with him.
I see him every day and always call to check on him before I go to bed at night.
They are always so excited to share good news – like an increased appetite or a pretty good day in general.
A few of the nurses have discovered my blog and are sincerely grateful for the information I’ve shared about Chad – prior to IT. I think it gives them a better understanding of who Chad was before the disease started stealing little pieces.
I can’t say enough kind words about them – they are truly wonderful.
I can’t quite express how amazing it feels to return to my role as a wife and not a primary caregiver. It takes a lot of the pressure off and it helps me put things back into perspective.

Chad has had a few good days. I hope that trend continues.
He is enjoying his visitors and seems extremely happy to have some adult interaction from people other than the nursing staff and our immediate family.

I want to share an article with you. Our friend, Leigh S., share it with me today and it hit very close to home.
If you get a moment to read it, please do — particularly if you have a friend or loved one with a terminal disease.

CNN.com – A dying patient is not a battlefield

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3 Responses to Daily update 8.31.2010

  1. JC says:

    I guess you have helped Carys published her first poem. I dropped by to see Chad yesterday. He was sleeping very peaceful so I just signed the blanket. He has a very nice room and I was very impressed with the facility. All Chad's friends at DOT are very thankful you are so open and sharing your experiences with this disease. You and Chad are very special to all of us. Thank you!

  2. Camille Watson says:

    What a powerful article!

  3. Charlie Massey says:

    Chad and I grew up a short distance from one another, but I have not seen him since he was at NC State. I have been reading your postings and I want you to know that Chad and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Your blog reminds me of how precious my time is and how important it is not to take for granted all God has blessed me with. Thank you!

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