Friday Update

Chad had several visitors today, and he told me he enjoyed the visits! He also said that he wanted visitors to come — which is a huge change. So, if you’d like to see him, please do so! I think it might be wise to shoot me an email and let me know when you plan to visit him, just so we can avoid too many people in one day.
Please be advised that is difficult to hold a conversation with him. It’s best to ask simple yes-no questions. And be on the lookout for his eyes to grow quite large – that’s a key sign that he’s feeling a bit anxious and agitated. It may be best to make an exit and let the staff know he may be a little perturbed.
Again. don’t take it personally of that happens. It’s not the real Chad, whom all of you love and admire. But that real Chad is still in there — and he really wants to see you!

The girls, Nana & I went to see Chad right after Carys got out of school this afternoon.

Chad was weak this evening, but in a relatively good mood.
We walked around outside, pushing him the wheelchair, to get some fresh air.
We brought him dinner and he ate a few bites to appease us, but he just didn’t have an appetite.
He drink a lot while we were there, which is great to see.
He didn’t have a fever today, which is day three without one. That’s a big improvement. I know he was feeling puny with that fever earlier this week, and I’m glad it’s gone.

His left leg was pretty weak this evening. We helped him take a few steps, but he got very winded and increasingly weaker as he tried to maneuver his feet. They get so tangled up with each other; the right one won’t cooperate at all. And the left one…well, I’m not sure what to make of the left one. He can move it, but he acts like it feels heavy.
He motioned that his left arm and hand were feeling a bit numb today, which definitely is concerning.

Tonight, he was very affectionate towards the girls — and me. He usually gives them lots of hugs and kisses, but I was surprised that he was hugging and kissing ME. He pulled at my belt loop a few times and motioned me to lean forward. It was wonderful – and very sweetly unexpected. I always look forward to little glimpses of the old Chad.

Carys had a great first (short) week of school.
She has been excited to go, with the exception of Wednesday morning.
She’s in love with her new teacher and her new friends, and can’t wait to see her old friends in the cafeteria every day.

Cailyn has preschool orientation next Thursday, and she’s pulling a Carys.
She’s not very excited about going back to school, but I’m sure that will change once she sees her old friends – and makes new ones.

We’re doing well, hanging in there. The kids have at least one emotional outburst at home each day.
But, as I told them, it’s okay to be upset. It’s okay to be mad. And it’s definitely okay to be sad that their little worlds have been turned upside down. They’re tough little cookies, just like their mama!

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2 Responses to Friday Update

  1. Iwitchhazel says:

    ..YES, their Mama is ONE TOUCH COOKIE!!!….and they are the little crumbs….(which to me can be much better!)….makes me tear up with the affection Chad must really have to stammer to show…it REALLY SHOWS how much he LOVES youse guys!!…we ALL do!!!….

  2. meg says:

    Two good days in a row of visits – this makes me very happy! I'm glad Chad is feeling a little better. Thanks for the update.

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