First day of First Grade

The morning started off a little rocky.
Carys wasn’t very excited about going to First Grade.
She cried a bit and told me how much she missed Daddy and was excited when I mentioned we would be taking him dinner this afternoon after I picked her up from school.

I thought I was in for a loooooooong day when she simply refused to get out of the van in the carpool line.
She crossed her arms across her chest and just said, “I don’t want to go in!”
I assures her everything was going to be okay — and I didn’t walk her in on purpose. Bad mommy, but I knew that I would never get out of the classroom without tears and inconsolable crying. On her part. And mine.
Thankfully, there were plenty of teachers to assist with the little task of student-removal-from-vehicle this morning and a kind lady helped Carys find her way.

When I did pick her up, she proudly told me “I made it! And it was so much fun!”
I”m so thankful that she had a good day.

We saw Chad for a little over an hour this evening.
At first, he was sleeping, so the girls & I went to the sunroom to have dinner. We checked on him when we were done and he was awake and trying to get out of bed. He sat for a while and ate some of the dinner I brought (thanks Cabascango Family for providing a meal tonight!) and really enjoyed the few bites Cailyn fed him.
He showered them all with hugs and kisses.
Carys really wanted to hear “I love you” from her Daddy and since he can’t really say the words anymore, we devised a little plan. Every time he wanted to say “I love you”, he could simply wave his hand. He was waving at them for a few minutes and both of our girls were just beaming.

He got in the wheelchair and two of the nurses, with the help of two tiny nurse recruits, wheeled him around outside for a little fresh air. He really likes that — he’s always loved being outside.

He was pretty weak this evening, unable to walk for more than a step without his legs buckling.
But he did make an effort for the girls and I was so glad to see that.
He even acted glad to see ME, which definitely helped my spirits.

Today is the first day he hasn’t had that pesky fever, which is good.
He was complaining of some back pain earlier today, which could be from being in the bed so much. He did indicate he wasn’t in any pain while we were there, so that was fantastic!

Here we go. Off to a new routine.
Seeing Chad.
Homework — oh yes, she had homework tonight, but it was a fun “tell the class about yourself” type of assignment.
Routines are nice!

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3 Responses to First day of First Grade

  1. Vanessa says:

    Skye-I'm so happy to hear that you and the girls had a great evening with Chad. That's wonderful news. =)

  2. Amy says:

    So glad to hear that everyone had a happy day ( after she got out of the van lol).

  3. Meg says:

    So glad you and the girls had a great visit with Chad – and glad he's feeling better. I love the waving thing. So sweet!

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