Last day of Summer

So today was the last day of our Summer vacation.
Carys starts school tomorrow as a FIRST GRADER. I can hardly believe it.

We had so much to do today, and we got it all done.
We saw Chad right after lunch time, and we literally stayed for 5 minutes.
Cailyn spent ALL morning drawing him pictures and she was so excited to show him.
He was so tired and didn’t really want the kids to be there – I could tell by his eyes getting wide as silver dollars the moment they entered the room. He was a little agitated with Cailyn for something mundane — and slapped her in the noggin a few times. Poor girl. She was heart broken and ended up folding her pictures up and putting them in her purse.
They both got to give him a kiss on the arm before we left.
And I got to speak with the doctor briefly — only to ask about his fever and such. Still running a fever, still no appetite. They are slowly weaning off the steroids so Chad doesn’t have any withdrawal symptoms. And they are slowing down one of his seizure meds because it seems to be in therapeutic level, according to a blood test they did yesterday.

Carys was upset that she didn’t get to see Daddy for very long and cried on the way home.
I assured them we would try again tomorrow.
I hope it’s a better visit for their sakes.

Anyway — here are some shots from today. We had a nice little rain shower this evening and I let the girls just run around and be kids! They had so much fun … which is my wish for them every single day of their life. Our Ultimate Summer may have been cut short, but I hope we crammed enough good memories in to last them for a while!

And a shot of a dragonfly that was just begging to have his picture taken a little over a week ago. I’ve never really seen one this close before; they usually buzz away just as quickly as they land.
He looks like he has a little smile painted on his face, doesn’t he?

dragonfly 007

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3 Responses to Last day of Summer

  1. Cklinkert says:

    AWESOME end to a summer!! Such great moments to capture!!

  2. Amy says:

    I love the dragonfly & yes he has a painted face, is the twig his mic?? lol
    The pic's of the girls are the best, mom did you stop & play in the rain with them?
    I hope that the next visit for the girls is better, sending prayers & love.

  3. Camillebwatson says:

    LOVE all these pictures they are truly amazing!!! The Dragon fly picture rocks.. he is smiling at you.. he knows a good thing when he sees it! Hope the visits get better with Chad. We love you all and are praying for you!

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