Not a good start to a Saturday morning

Chad was up and walking around this morning, restless.
He walked into the kitchen, where my mom was making breakfast.
I hadn’t gotten up yet – I was just listening for a fall.

He made his way back into the bedroom and stopped at the dresser and just started laughing.
Me: What’s so funny?
Chad: <Jibberish> Blugaasgn    dzdkjfnbeirbnzz    szdknbris

He walked into the bathroom, turned on the light and looked around.
He stood at the sink for about two minutes, then turned out the light and headed towards our bed.

He paused for a minute, stared at the dog resting on the bed and gave her a pat on the head.

Then he went to his closet.
He opened both doors and just stared at his clothes.

Me: You have somewhere to go this morning? You ready to get dressed?
Chad: <Jibberish> sgsbnasibn    awerbaoibndfin   Maybe.
Another long pause.
Me: You need some help?
Chad: Yea.

I got up and headed to the closet and he turned to look at me.
I immediately noticed his eyes were dancing from side to side and he looked a little bewildered.
I immediately recognized that he was having a seizure and I got him down on the floor.
He was able to help me get him to the floor just in time.
I ran into the kitchen and got his liquid Ativan. I tilted his head up and slipped a dropperful of the green liquid in his cheek.
The seizure lasted a total of two minutes, and I hope the medication was what brought it to an end.

He laid on the floor for a few minutes, a little confused and very weak.
I tried to help him up a few times, but he wasn’t really able to help me.
I let him try twice, but it was futile.
I finally asked if I could get some help, and he agreed.

My mom and I were able to get him up and I gave him the rest of his medications while he was sitting at the foot of the bed on our hope chest.
I helped him back into bed and he fell asleep.

He got up shortly after that, walking but very unsteady.
He ate breakfast and fell asleep in the chair in the living room shortly afterward.

I woke him up and told him he needed to go back to bed.
He stumbled around the kitchen and ate a snack.
Then off to bed he went.

I could hear some gentle wheezing when he laid down, and he was coughing a bit.
When I told the nurse about his sporadic coughing and wheezing, she noted that there was probably fluid attempting to accumulate in his lungs — but his lungs and heart are so strong that he is able to clear it for the most part.

We have had an over pouring of support this week, especially with meals.
I appreciate each of you who has taken the time to bring us dinner this week.
I cannot fully express how exhausting it is to even think about meal planning every day, and I am grateful and humbled at your generosity.
To you, it may just be an hour out of your day to cook and bring something over — but to me, it’s a full day’s worth of worry that I can surrender.
And I really, really thank you.

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