Photography Break

I am taking a hiatus from my sales/design job for a bit.
The people over at are so good to me and have been extremely flexible over the last couple of years.
They always tell me “family comes first,” and I feel so fortunate to be on the team!

I’m also going to take a break from photography for a while.
I absolutely love it, and it makes me feel good. But the post-session work is a little more than I have time to do right now.
Every morning, my girls ask if I have to work on the computer — and the answer is usually yes, if there are photos involved. And there are always photos involved, it seems. (Which is a good, good thing!)

If I have booked your session or if we have talked recently about booking, your session is still on.

If you would like to book a session, please let me know.
My last photo day will be Friday, August 13. I have a few days here and there that I can shoot .
Email me and we’ll plan.

Thanks for your understanding. I also must thank you all for my success lately; your word-of-mouth advertising has helped me grow — and I am so thankful!

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