16 hours later

E finally got into a room at 2am. W barely slept…e don’t have a door, just a curtain. It is so loud!

I was extremely concerned last night, as any seizure over 10 minutes can be harmful to Chad’s brain functions. It took him a very long time to regain his ability to talk coherently. This is not really surprising because he seized for so long (33 minutes).
Around midnight, h started talking pretty well but was having issues with word recall.
This morning, he is exhausted but more like himself.

The neurologist on call from our regular office just came to speak with us. He & I are both hesitant to go higher on Chad’s current medication dosages. The tw anti-seizure meds are the best for him, but they are already on high doses and they are contributing t his chronic lethargy.

I. Apologize fr any gross grammar errors. Posting a blog update is quite challenging on my phone.

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