Weight Lifting

Did you know I was a weight lifter?
I am.


You can stop snickering now…

Yea, yea. I know you’re thinking, “She sure doesn’t look like a weight lifter…

I don’t lift traditional weights.

Since August 4, 2001, I have been lifting the marriage weight. And man, is that ever tough work!
I juggled the weights of new home ownership and fresh-from-college-now-I-have-a-real-job weights that same year.

Since Carys was born in 2003, and then Cailyn in 2006, I have lifted the weight of motherhood.
Sometimes those little blue-eyed, blond-haired weights are heavier than I could have ever imagined.

As if those weights weren’t enough, I added the diabetic weight in 2006. Phooey!

Then, with Chad’s surprising diagnosis of brain cancer and the discovery of IT in 2007, I have added way more weights that I would like.

The emotional, physical and financial weights of living a life with two young daughters, a husband with a devastating disease, diabetes and all the other stuff….well, it’s almost too much for me to handle at times.

I would look at other people in my life and wonder how they seem to lift similar weights so effortlessly.
I just couldn’t understand how they were able to build a positive emotional workout while I was struggling to lift the daily weights of life and was often out of breath from sheer frustration and exhaustion.

People often ask me how I juggle it all.
And the answer is simple. And it’s no secret.
I do my best. And God handles the rest.

When I sense that I cannot handle one more possible thing in my life, God shows me that I can.
Sometimes, He adds more for me to juggle. And He teaches me that I can handle anything.
I can do it. I can do anything.
And you can, too.

The weights I lift on a daily basis can be tricky; true.
And sometimes I do wonder how easy life would be without such struggles and hardships.
But then I always come to the same conclusion; everyone has weights in their life.
Every single person has something that they struggle to contain or let go of; it’s just the way life is.
And if you think my weights are heavier than anyone else’s…well, that’s not true.
If you have a weight in your life, whether it be illness, unemployment, depression – whatever, you don’t have to lift it alone.

At Chad’s fundraiser, we had the privilege of witnessing a great weight being plucked from our lives.
I’m not sure if I was reaching a breaking point, or if we were just “due” some good news, but a huge weight has been lifted from our family. I can not tell you the immediate calmness and security I have felt since that day. To see all the loving and comforting faces, smiles and tears…it’s taken me some time to process it all.

People are so good to us; and we are so thankful.
We give back whenever we can and we appreciate all of you who did the same.

In the past eleven nights, I have slept more soundly and peacefully than I have in a long, long time.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

We have been given an immediate release of stress.
We can breathe again, a little easier at least.
The weight has been lifted, and I thank God that He has allowed us to be a part of such an overwhelming  testimony of what can be provided when you trust Him.

He is the Ultimate Weight Lifter.
And I am so grateful that He carries our load.

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4 Responses to Weight Lifting

  1. jfutrell says:

    You are a special family that gives all of us inspiration.

  2. cllanfor says:

    Thanks Futrell. I missed you at the fundraiser.

  3. Linda says:

    I am so happy that you are feeling better. Hugs.

  4. AnneMarie says:

    You have inspired me to be a better weight lifter. I took time from my stressful life to go sit in a Prayer Garden near work at lunchtime. I spoke with God to ask him to help me with the weights of being the sole breadwinner, the upcoming disability hearing with Social Security for Paul, of figuring out how to pay all the bills on a salary that won't pay the basics in life, to be a better wife and be there for Paul, to accept all God has given me and given us to deal with. We seem to be taking baby steps while my desire is to take giant leaps. I trust in God to help me take baby steps. All things will work out and Paul's health not be as progressive as it has been in the last six months. Again, thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to handle it all.

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