Busy weekend

On Friday, Carys had her adenoids removed and her second set of ear tubes placed.
Hopefully, we can ward off those pesky ear infections for a while!
She has felt well all weekend, but started feeling a little puny this afternoon. I think it has all finally caught up with her.
And I bet it doesn’t “help” that she’s been screaming at her sister.
I’m undecided if she will go to school tomorrow.
Part of me thinks she may be feeling a little worse today because she knows she has to go back to school tomorrow…but I would hate to send her if she genuinely felt bad.
We’ll play it by ear.

On Saturday, Chad & I took the girls to Clemmons State Park to feed the fish and turtles. We had a moldy loaf of bread, so we had to find something to do with it…
We walked a bit, but I really didn’t want to stress Carys out.
Then a trip to WalMart — I swear I should just live in a tent in the parking lot.
There is always something I forget or miss; and I make a list every time I go. I don’t get it.
It’s a like a retail black hole.
(Ugh. And as I type this, I realize I forgot bread. Again.)

I have been grilling Chad for a few weeks now about getting a dog.
Truth be told, I miss having one around. I am a cat person. And a dog person. I like both. Equally.

I knew the girls would be thrilled, and so very excited.
Chad? Not so much.
He did finally give up and told me I could get a dog.
I think it will be great for him, once he warms up to her.
He was so attached to Zoe and Sisco, our beagles, that I think it may take a little extra time.

But he will.
I mean, seriously.

Just look at this sweet Jack Russell Terrier face.

She was at a local rescue center, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her today. Her name was Sprite, originally. But the girls have already named her Lucy Princess — or Lucy for short. And now she is Josie…poor dog is going to have an identity crisis.

She was set to be euthanized about 2 weeks ago at a shelter in SC, and the Rescue took her in.
I was told she was a JRT mix, but I’m not so sure. I really think she’s 100% JRT — and more excited that she seems to be so calm and mellow-natured.
We need to get some weight on her. Shouldn’t be a problem in this house!

Carys & Cailyn absolutely loved helping Josie investigate the yard and throw balls to her all afternoon.
Andy Josie is just as smitten with them! She paced between their two bedrooms all evening, checking on them. If someone coughed, Josie was right there. If someone rolled over and the bed made a noise, Josie was right there. It was so sweet!

I think we’re all going to have a great time getting to know her!

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  1. amy says:

    Rescue dogs are the best, I think they know what was in store for them and they love their human for saving them. Glad Lucy is fitting into the family & hope Carys is feeling better.

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