A little bird…

A little bird told me that quite a few people had decided not to attend Chad’s fundraiser in two weeks. I have to admit, I’m a little bummed to hear that.
However, when I discovered the reason why they wouldn’t be attending, I felt the need to address it here.

I want everyone to know that Chad (and I) would love to see you.
Chad has good days and bad days with his memory – but I’m sure he will remember you!
He will remember your face or name or how you know each other.
He may remember everything. Or you may have to help him a little.
But he will remember.
He may not have a long conversation, but he will talk. And he will sincerely appreciate you coming by to see him, even for a few minutes.

Don’t be nervous. Or scared. 
It’s still Chad.
And he wants to see you.
He is looking forward to it – very much!
Do I think he’s a little nervous about so many people wanting to see him in one day at one place? Sure – a little. But he’s also excited. He misses his co-workers and friends. And he’s very tired of sitting in the house all day everyday.

Not quite sure what to expect from Chad, or what a conversation with him might be like now?
I assure you it’s probably not what you think.
It will be good for him.
It will be good for you.

And I welcome you to email me or call if you have any reservations, hesitations or questions.

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6 Responses to A little bird…

  1. carlabjones says:

    It is so natural to feel nervous! Especially when I slip up and say Chad is fighting breast cancer! 😉 He had the funniest look on his face when I said that. Ooopsies! Sorry Chad! We love you guys!

  2. carlabjones says:

    We are Chad's neighbors and Chad is still Chad and we need to just Love him and his family for who they are and they are very special to our family.

  3. amy says:

    I so wish that I didn't live as far away as I did, so I could go. I hope you have a great turnout for the fundraiser. I hope those might not go will stop & imagine how they might feel if they were in his shoes. Prayer & thoughts to ALL of you.

  4. katekeith says:

    I really wish I could be there. I never go out of town for anything, and that happens to be the ONE time I am going to a conference. It breaks my heart to hear that people aren't planning to go out of fear 🙁 Hopefully this post will give them a change of heart!!

  5. gwenbell says:

    Brave of you to address the little birds head on; hope others in caregiving roles read this and feel empowered to do the same. My thoughts continue to be with you, Chad & the kids.

  6. Nazi Kite says:

    I do not know you or Chad. I heard about this event from a friend of mine who was Chad's co-worker. I sent a note to bunch of my friends and we are coming this Sat. We pray for Chad, you and your family.

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