Snow Day #3

This is what Snow Day Exhaustion looks like.

1 019

And this is what it looks like when Mommy is determined to get Cailyn down the hill via sled.
I have to go with her — duh.
And, apparently, I have to look like a lumberjack while doing it.

1 sled cailyn
Today is Snow Day #4.
No school for the kids again.
And Carys has to go to school this Saturday to make up for it.
Bah Humbug!

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One Response to Snow Day #3

  1. shannonknox says:

    Landon had to go back today, 2 hour delay…….. It is raining now and it's nothing but slushy mud! Ewww!! Glad Cai finally got to go down the hill, Landon still wants to go sledding, we never got to do that!!

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