Snow Day!

It’s a snow day, by golly! I really didn’t have much faith in the meteorologists this time around.
I was a little shocked to see about 3.5″ of snow this morning.
Needless to say, the girls have been driving all of us adults crazy today, wanting to go out & play.
Of course we all bundled ourselves up and went outside. For about twenty minutes…or until Cailyn started to say her hands were hurting. That’s a big sign to GO INSIDE.
We warmed up with hot cocoa and soup — and requisite snow cream.
Here are some pictures from today – and the rest of the week. Enjoy! And stay toasty warm!!!

Cailyn told me it hurt her face to smile because it was so cold – silly girl!

1 truck & snow 061

I kid you not, this kid is always smiling. And always happy.
Well, maybe not the first five minutes of her day.
But I’m not very cheerful then either, so I understand.

1 truck & snow 056

CaiCai thought it was hilarious that we were using boogie boards on the snow.
“But ‘dis is fo’ da beach. Not da snow. People will fink we are cwazy!”

Guess what, Cailyn? They already think that…

1 truck & snow 050

Carys LOVES it!

1 truck & snow 042

Nana pushing them to their icy demise the bottom of the driveway

1 truck & snow 040

Carys, doing her homework this week….she LOVES that too.

1 truck & snow 030

Her homework — that made me laugh until my sides hurt.
She is supposed to be using her sounds to spell things by herself — and she did a good job.
But it still made me snort a few times…

1 truck & snow 026

Bye-bye to the truck earlier this week…and you’ll notice Chad has lost a bit of weight, too.
And gained a new little 30-pound sidekick. She loves her daddy something fierce lately!

1 truck & snow 019

It’s hard to believe it was 60 degrees earlier this week.
And today we have to wear 15 layers to stay warm in the SNOW!

1 truck & snow 005

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  1. Kelly Stoklosa says:

    Hey Skye! It looks like the girls had a ball in the snow! This definitely brought back memories of the “blizzard” when we lived in Parker Dorm and went sledding down Kenan stadium on the lids to our storage bins. Carys' homework made me laugh out loud! The girls are gorgeous!

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