Cleaning out the clutter

The girls are with Chad’s parents this weekend – I’m sure they’re getting into trouble as I type this.
I had so many things to get accomplished this weekend — and I am so excited that I got a lot of it done already!
Do you have one of those blasted cabinets chock full o’ plastic containers, tupperware, etc? I think everyone does. Although I don’t think everyone has one as crammed packed as ours.
I spent the better part of the day organizing my kitchen, and packing up TONS of containers. I have one cabinet dedicated to it now, instead of three! It feels good to get that mess out of here!
I also rearranged a few things — which Chad despises. When he realized what I was doing, he let me know I had just annoyed him. He will not remember that the pots and pans are somewhere different. But that’s okay, because he rarely cooks anyway.

I also cleaned my home office this past week.
I’m glad to say it doesn’t even look like the same little corner of our kitchen!
We’ll see how long I can keep it that way; it’s my little hub. And I throw everything on my desk, hoping to tackle it later. And then later becomes three weeks from now and one thing turns into twelve disheveled piles.
Oh well. I try.

I am just so tired of looking around at all the clutter.
One of my goals for the year is to simplify our lives. I want less stuff to mange and less things to work around.
Again…we’ll see how long it lasts.


I checked the mail a little bit ago. And my heart hit my feet when I pulled out three hefty envelopes from Social Security.
Gosh. They sure denied us quickly, I thought.
I weeded through the junk mail and sat those three fat envelopes on the counter.
We had a staring match.
And the envelopes won.
I ripped them open and mentally prepared myself for really bad news.
But it wasn’t.
It wasn’t really news at all.
One envelope was a copy of everything I had submitted online.
Another envelope was letting us know we didn’t qualify for something else – which I already knew.
And the last envelope was from our case examiner, who stated she was in the process of obtaining all of Chad’s medical records from his doctors. Which is great news — that was fast!

Hopefully, the next envelope I receive from them will be an approval.


Today, Chad got up around 1pm. He ate some oatmeal and went back to bed for a bit.
Then he got up again around 4pm and wanted some dinner.
I was in the middle of my kitchen disorganizing gala, so he did have to wait a little bit.
He ate and went back to bed. I guess he’s been up for about 3 hours today so far.

He was having trouble remembering what day it was – he knew it was Saturday, but wasn’t sure which Saturday.
He was glaring at the calendar when I asked him what he was doing.
“Trying to figure out what day it is…”
And he then decided today is January 23rd.
I told him that wasn’t right; the calendar clearly states I’ll be gone on January 23rd – and I’m here.
I let him know it was January 16.
“I think I am slowly losing my mind…”
Unfortunately, I think so, too.

Later, he let me know that Snakes on a Plane was on. We always laugh at the title of that movie because it’s a ridiculous film.
Me: “Yes, that was on the other day. Carys said those snakes didn’t look real.”
He: “Well, she’s only four. She doesn’t know.”
Me: “Four?”
He: “No, she’s five.”
Me: “Think about it again.”
He: “She’s four. No, five.”
Me: “She’s six.”
Poor guy. I hate that he is losing pieces of his memory here and there.
And I hate that he feels like he is losing his mind.


And it appears that out little Kindergarten Casanova has decided that he would like to be Carys’ boyfriend again after all.
Needless to say, my mom and I were all over that as soon as it came out of Carys’ mouth.
I’m hoping she and T will break up again very, very soon.
I’m pretty sure I’ll be talking to the teacher about it soon — and sooner if I hear anything else about kissing!


And I feel the need to apologize profusely for my typos lately.
I promise I can spell. My fingers just don’t always cooperate with the keyboard.
And I’m usually too tired or busy to go back & proofread it.

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