On the mend? Maybe?

It’s 4:30 in the afternoon.
Chad is in bed, still.
He has gotten up to use the bathroom, but that’s it.
He says he can finally move and stand up without being nauseous, which is good.
He has eaten a few crackers today, but that’s it.
He did manage to keep all of his seizure medications down, as well as the new pain meds.
It seems the new pain meds weren’t quite the relief he had been hoping for, but we’ll give it a few more days before we ask for something different.

It seems that he he gets out of bed a little later every single day.
A few months back, I was sure to see him out of bed around 9:30. Then it was 11am.
All of a sudden, it was 1pm or later — and I hate that for him.
Granted, he had some added funkiness today, but I hate that he has been in bed all day long.

Let’s hope that he can get some rest tonight and will be feeling better as the week goes on.

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  1. shannonknox says:

    I am glad that he was able to keep some crackers down, I am praying that tomorrow will be a much BETTER day for you all! Love you guys!

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