Not a good start to the day

I hoped Chad would feel little better this morning. He had an appointment scheduled for some bloodwork at 9:30, and he was going to join me for the fabulous carpool drop-offs this morning.
However, when he woke up, he was feeling puny.
He walked into the kitchen in a bot of a daze, asking about his medications. We keep them in a locked box in our bathroom — so I immediately asked him if he had taken any already but had forgotten?!? It was definitely strange.
I took him a banana to take with his meds, and quickly saw that he was not is great shape today.
He started vomiting, shaking. No seizure, but he was having chills.
He has a slight fever, barely over 99 degrees.
He can’t take (or keep down) any of his medications. Typically I wouldn’t be concerned, but since he had those seizures the day after Christmas because he forgot to take his meds…well, I just want him to take his meds.

I called the doctor while on route to school (hands-free, so I wasn’t swerving!) and asked what we needed to do — and if these symptoms could have anything to do with his shunt being reset yesterday.
Dr. T doesn’t think the shunt (or Chad’s head in general) has anything to do with his symptoms this morning, given the very low fever.
Most likely, with Chad’s lowered immune system, he has picked up the flu or some other type of GI bug.
Yuck, ick, NO FUN.

He hasn’t started on the new pain medication yet, but I picked it up this morning from the pharmacy. I hope that it will help him feel better once he can keep them down.

This issue now his his seizure meds. He needs to get them — and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can get them into his system sometime today and avoid an ER trip this evening or tomorrow. If he can’t take them by mouth, he would need an IV to administer them. He can go without those meds if needed; the seizures don’t hurt him. I just don’t want him to have any if we can help it.

Always excitement here at the Lanford house.

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