Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Today, Chad woke up early at 11am to head over to his office Christmas party for a bit.
He wasn’t too talkative, but I was glad that he felt well enough to hang out with his work friends for a while.
Carys & Cailyn joined us, and they were excited to see everyone. They remembered some of the people and children from previous years.

We ate so much delicious food and talked – it was a great diversion from our monotonous routine of doing nothing at home!

The girls are certainly getting excited for Santa tomorrow evening. Before I know it, my living room will be dismantled into a huge cave of shredded wrapping paper, discarded bows and name tags — and too many toys to list.

I didn’t get all of my Christmas cards out this year, and I apologize. If you want one, I will send you one – gladly! Please just leave your name in the comments.
For those of you who just wanted to see it, here isĀ  — minus the black part on the right.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and best wished for a healthy, prosperous New Year!

Chad, Skye, Carys & Cailyn

merry card

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