Happy Birthday, Carys!

Dear Carys,
Today you are six years old. I’ve always felt this is a magic age – no longer a little girl, but not quite a tween. It’s proving to be quite true with you, already. You are so very independent, and strong willed. Some might call you stubborn (I often do), but you do it all with a smile and laid back ease that I admire. Not much slows you down and I am excited to see how your sweet personality helps navigate you through life.

You see the beauty and specialness in everything, which is a blessing to all of us.
There is something in your big blue eyes that makes me believe you are going to help so, so many people. You are so caring,  sweet, loving – there are just not enough words to describe the sympathy you show for others at such a young age. You are a special, special girl.

This year has been a year of great change. You started kindergarten and promptly told me you wanted to stay home with me forever. It was an enormous change for you, but like you always do, you found the bright side. We fashioned a little memento for you to take to school every day to help calm you — a key chain with photos of all of us. That precious key chain still hangs proudly on your backpack.

You still sleep with Baby. That poor, tattered, pink doll has been the recipient of so many hugs and cuddles from you for six years. When I see you tightly grip her at night, it reminds me that you’re not quite as grown as you act. You are still a little girl, although not as little as you were yesterday.
You seem to learn so many new things now that you’re in school and we often struggle to keep up with the conversations you create. You have quite the imagination and I love hearing your silly jokes, stories and daily recaps from the classroom.

You lost your first tooth this year, and then another. And yet another three are barely hanging on. It’s hard to believe it’s time for toothlessness. It seems like yesterday when I was praying your teeth would come in so you could eat some thing more substantial that mashed baby foods. I’m finding both stages of your toothless grin to be quite adorable.

You are still best friends with the other little lady of the Lanford house. The two of you bicker and quarrel, but it’s always short-lived. I love the little moments when you think I’m not watching and you help your sister, read her a story or play something with that you really don’t want to play. You do it for her with a smile and it’s a beautiful bond you two share.

You’ve started reading in the last few weeks, which just blows me away. We read almost every night, until my lips and mouth get dry. And then, maybe, just one more book. You come back from the library with books about animals — which is no surprise. We would have a zoo in the backyard if we would let you.

This year has been absolutely wonderful, Care Bear. You are a sweet, smart, loving little lady and I could not love you more. I hope this next year brings you even more joy, happiness and opportunities to grow and learn.

Happy, happy birthday my sweet girl.
I love you!


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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Carys!

  1. Nana says:

    Happy Birthday, Care Bear – I love you!

  2. melissawilliams says:

    So beautiful!

  3. carlabjones says:

    Why do you insist on making me cry with every birthday video! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

  4. Joe says:

    Happy Birthday Carys!!!

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