Still waiting…Friday 11/6 @ 4:45pm

You’re probably wondering where the updates are. Right?
Well, Chad hasn’t gone into surgery yet. It’s 4:45. It’s quite possible that it will be pushed back til tomorrow.

In other news, we’ve been walking laps around the floor, watching a lot of tv and doing various things on the internet.

The hospital is crazy busy — I even asked one of the nurses if it was a full moon (it’s not). Lots of emergencies. Lots of “Code Blue” calls on the intercoms. Lots of moaning by the elderly patients here on the neurology floor.
Just craziness.

Chad informed me that he’d like to retract his previous statement about feeling better. He’s back to feeling “normal” — which for him, is pretty lousy. Headache is back. He’s tired. He’s starving.
Not sure why he felt so good this morning, but maybe we still need to give a little more time for the shunt setting to work it’s magic.

As soon as we hear about a surgery time, I’ll let you know. Until you hear from me, you can just assume that we are sitting right here in room 570, staring at our lovely view of a brick wall and wondering if it’s still daylight outside.
It’s really not that bad. We’re just stir crazy.

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