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Happy Halloweenie!

The girls got all dressed up a day early and headed downtown to a costume parade. The local business owners hand out candy by the handfuls — which made for two happy little girls in our house! I’m very glad … Continue reading

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Ask the Lanfords, v 3.0

I realize I’ve lost a bulk of my readers during my hiatus. I’m sorry. Please come back! I’ve had time to get my head together the last few days (which can be a very daunting task, let me tell you!) … Continue reading

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The seasons of our lives

This post was originally written for I write posts from time to time there, and try to remember to share them with you here as well. I love that the weather is changing. To see the spastic little squirrels … Continue reading

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Soccer Star

It’s hard to believe there are only three games left in the Soccer season! Carys has had so much fun learning the game and beating the boys to the ball every Monday night. We can’t wait fro the Spring league! … Continue reading

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Some News

Today, we met with Chad’s radiation oncologist, just as a follow-up. I haven’t been going to these appointments since radiation ended in July. They were pretty routine; mostly going over labs. And Chad’s labs never change. Today, though, I went. … Continue reading

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What we’ve been up to…

I have my laptop back! I have never been more excited in my life…with the exception of my wedding day & birth of my children. And well, I just said that so I wouldn’t catch any flack for having such … Continue reading

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