Happy Birthday Blaine!

In about 21 minutes, my baby brother will turn 21.

I remember waiting around the hospital to see you on August 14, 1988 — and I couldn’t wait to be your big sister.
Twenty-one years later, and you’re a sweet guy with a big heart and I’m proud to call you my bruddah. Most of the time anyway. You loved to try to embarrass me in front of my dates, steal my “cool pencils” from my backpack and ask me a million questions about girls.
Now that I think about it, you’re pretty lucky I let you live to be 21. You could have just been 7 and called it quits.

Happy, Happy Birthday Blaine!

This year is a year of BIG birthdays for both my brother & I.
21 and 30.
We are so getting old!

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Blaine!

  1. heelhome1 says:

    ….and it isn't it just amazing that your mom is holding steady at 40-ish?! (Aging is so over-rated – trust me on that one.) 21 AND 30! I'm proud of and love you both!

  2. auntcarmen says:

    Happy Birthday Blaine! I can remember when you were a wee little lad and getting to hold you for the first time. Where did the time go? You have turned into such a smart and responsible young man and I'm proud to be your Aunt! Have a great Birthday and come see me when you get a chance!

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