The half-way mark (!!!)

As I type this, I am sitting in the sub-waiting area of the Cancer Center and Chad is in the radiation suite.
As of today, we are half-way through combination radiation/chemotherapy treatment.
The girls are at the movie theater with their grandparents. It’s quiet here today.

Chad is feeling better, but still very tired. He has completely weaned off steroids, and he looks a lot better. The puffiness is gone, and he’s not quite as restless (even though he’s still not sleeping).
He’s still not eating a whole lot. But that’s normal.

He is feeling more & more like exercising, which is a great sign. He’s been taking walks in the evenings and has clearance to ride the stationary bike if he feels up to it.
Things are looking good.

We have two appointments today after radiation; one with his radiation oncologist, Dr. Reilly,  and one with the medical oncologist, Dr. Campbell.
I’ll let you know if there’s anything new to report.

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