The *almost* birthday girl

Someone I know will be turning three very soon.
We’re all talking about her big birthday bash this weekend — she is quite excited.


And I think it’s hilarious just how….specific she is. Already.

I was asking her about her birthday cake yesterday, and she told me she still wanted a sand castle cake – thank goodness.
But since it has three layers, she wants three flavors.
Then she noticed that she was turning three, so there needed to be three of everything – 3 cakes, 3 flavors of ice cream, 3 games, 3 presents from each guest…
Aye aye aye!
When she turns 45 and gets married, I hate it for her cake designer and caterer. She is very sure of what she wants!

She has requested specific gifts from people she’s invited — which is just hilarious to me. A girl that wants what she wants, the way she wants it — for sure.
She even “helped” me design her birthday invites. She wanted polka dots, sparkles, stars and cupcakes.
I think I got it all in. At least I tried!

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One Response to The *almost* birthday girl

  1. shannon knox says:

    Yeah she is very specific!! I’m still looking for a pearl necklace, it just may end up being a bracelat this year girly!! Gotta love her!!

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