PreK Graduation & Her First Loose Tooth

053This week has been a busy one for the Lanfords.
The highlight of the week was Tuesday night, when Carys graduated from preschool. She chose to have an ice cream party at our house afterward.
They sang a few songs, walked across stage, and wondered why there were so many sobbing mamas in the room.

In the beginning of the ceremony, there was a video collage of pictures from all the graduates over the course of the school year. It was so sweet to see how much they had changed, collectively, since the Fall. And my little stinker is one of those beautiful preschoolers that went through the metamorphosis of little child to big kid.
She learned so much this year and had a fabulous teacher and new friends in her class.

Here’s a little snippet of the ceremony, right after they walked across the stage. This is Carys’ new favorite song, and I’m sure it’s because there’s a lot of spinning and hand motions involved. She reminds me so much of myself at that age. My mom is quick to tell a story of me as a teeny tiny ballerina at our final dance recital — dancing to the beat of my own little drummer on the opposite side of the stage from everyone else.
Ah, well.
It’s about fun, isn’t it?!?

And as of this morning, I’m proud to announce Carys has her first loose tooth. She is so excited, and I hope it doesn’t drag out too long for her sake.
We’re going to camp on Friday night for some much needed Mommy-Carys time. Cailyn isn’t so excited about it, but Carys is ecstatic.

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3 Responses to PreK Graduation & Her First Loose Tooth

  1. sip says:

    aw, skye! she looks like a little angel in her white cap and gown. love the video. i had the same rhythm problems too 🙂

  2. Jennifer Little says:

    Hey Skye, Carys is too cute in the video!!! I know she is excited about kindergarden.

  3. amy says:

    How adorable, tell Carys congrats on moving up in Elem. school. Kiowa is now in kindergarten also. Was that Cailyn on the video talking about getting to Carys..really sweet.

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