Friday, 10am

Chad was originally set to go into surgery this evening at 5pm. Based on the CT Scan he had last night, the surgeon decided to go ahead and get Chad in the OR as soon as he could.
Chad went in a little before 9:30, and I should be able to see him in about 2-2.5 hours.

He ended up needing 4 bags of plasma last night and early this morning in order to get his blood clotting factor within normal limits. If you have ever given a blood product, THANK YOU. Chad was very strict about giving blood prior to his illness in 2007, and we really are appreciative that he was able to receive plasma donated by a total stranger.

If you are on the fence about giving blood, please do. You could save a life!
Please visit to find a blood drive location near you!

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  1. C. K. says:

    Hi Skye,

    I’m sorry for the situation. You must be exhausted, however your spirit is stll uplifting. Remember Psalm 23? That is what I am going to pray for you and Chad.


    C. K.

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