11 Days Post-op & Progress

I think things are starting to change a bit, which is exciting. Thrilling, really.
Chad is still pretty quiet, but he’s had little spurts of words/sentences since last night.
He remembered to take his medicine all by himself this morning – which is a huge improvement.

I realize this situation we’re in is serious. And nothing about it is really laughable.
But you have to laugh sometimes. Or at least I do. I’m not saying you’re going to find me huddled in a corner, sucking my thumb, rocking back-and-forth with hysterical laughter chiming from my mouth, either. But you may find me laughing about something ridiculous that Chad has said. I have to laugh. It’s not funny. But it is.

Example: When I finally went to bed last night at midnight, Chad was peacefully sleeping, and had been for a couple of hours. I woke up a few times, and he was still sleeping. BUT…when I woke up this morning, there was a package of chocolate chip cookies on the counter (that’s my cookie monster Chad!), and the phone was laying smack dab in the middle of the counter. I distinctly remember putting it back on the cradle last night before the girls went to bed. So, I picked it up and checked the call log. The last number to be dialed was out Aunt Joyce in New York. I didn’t call her. Chad did. And I have no idea what time he made that call.
So, Tina, Dale & Aunt Joyce — if your phone rang at 3am this morning, I am sorry. Chad must have wanted to talk to you…which makes me jealous since he doesn’t really want to talk to me yet.
When I asked him about it this morning, he said he called & then immediately hung up. AND he actually said those words – a whole sentence.

He’s been checking his email several times a day, but hasn’t sent anything to anyone. I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to type, so I asked him to send me an email.
He did.
It said “Hello”.
Simple, but he did do it.

So, send him an email (click here to get a direct link to his email). It would probably do him some good. He may or may not respond, but he’ll get it.
He sat down and read all of my blog entries since his surgery last night, and he’s still not talking me. So that’s good 🙂

He had his sutures removed yesterday and was able to wash his hair for the first time in ten days. He said it didn’t feel too great, as the incision is still a little touchy. But I know it had to feel good not to take a shower with one of those stupid plastic shower caps on.
Here’s a picture of his new noggin. His hair is growing back pretty fast, and I would imagine the scar won’t even be noticeable in a few more days.

Chad's incision, 11 days post-op

Also, I have to send out a special thank you to Carys’ preschool class. They are taking care of our meals this week, which is a huge blessing. When Carys’ teacher asked me about it a few weeks ago, I was a little hesitant, but I’ve learned to accept help over the last 18 months. And trust me, it’s a big help. Our days are all running together, and I frequently have to stop and think about what day of the week it is, just because our routine is so disturbed. When 5:00 approaches, I haven’t even thought about preparing dinner. That’s totally uncharacteristic of me, and I think the girls are getting a little too accustomed to eating Spaghettios (blech!). We have real food, lovingly prepared by people that we can probably never say “thank you” enough to. But, really. THANK YOU.

And, I am a member of a fantastic online playgroup for babies born in December of 2003. They have been so good to us – and it humbles me because I’ve only met two of these ladies IRL (“in real life”, in case you don’t use internet jargon). We are scattered across the US and Canada – and I’ll have to tell you more about our relationship later. It truly is an amazing bond I have with these ladies. They have provided meals for us for a week also, which has been a lifesaver.
There are tons of other people that are helping us, including our fabulous neighbors. Rubin took care of the yard for us last week, which I sincerely appreciate. I think he realizes Chad would never let me cut the grass or gasp! use a weed eater. The yard looks great.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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2 Responses to 11 Days Post-op & Progress

  1. Meg says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Chad is slowly coming around. I think of and pray for you every single day.

  2. tina says:


    We are really glad to hear Chad is doing well. And he can call anytime he wants even 3:00 Am LOL…
    Our new number is 728-0365. I am sure Chad called our old one. We check to see how he is every day.
    Chad is very lucky to have such a great wife that really takes good care of him.


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