Howdy, from WFUBMC!

We’re here in lovely Winston-Salem, home of the Demon Deacons (evident by yellow/black swirly tie-dyed t-shirts for sale in the cafeteria) with the first two appointments under our belt. We checked into our hotel and got a brief nap before heading over to the MRI Center for our last appointment of the day.

We did find out that Chad will be admitted at 7am in the morning, and his surgery should start around 9am.
Apparently, the surgeon’s schedule had changed since we last talked to him, and we’re now the first surgery of his day — which makes me feel a little better.

Chad is getting ready to go back for his functional MRI, to map out the areas of his brain that control speech, motor function, and other critical areas Dr. Tatter wants to avoid tomorrow.
Then we’re off to dinner (sans kiddos, if you can believe that!), and hopefully off to sleep at a decent hour. I have a feeling Chad will get some good sleep since the hotel doesn’t appear to have Zelda. He was up until 2 am playing last night playing.

Anyway, thanks for the well wishes. We’re doing great, and we’re getting prepared for tomorrow.
I’ll blog tomorrow, with updates as we have them – so watch out for that.

Oh – and before I forget (and Chad bugs me for the millionth time) his skydive has not been canceled for good, just postponed. This gives everyone plenty of time to JUMP WITH HIM instead of watching. (Hey Elise – Chad says get your jump face ready)

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3 Responses to Howdy, from WFUBMC!

  1. Peggy Seymore says:

    What hotel are you staying at this weekend?
    Glad to hear that you got there safely.

  2. Sabrina & Jeff says:

    We are saying a special prayer for you both tonight. Talk to you soon! Sabrina & Jeff

  3. Elise and Rob says:

    We are thinking and praying for you both. I am getting my jump face ready!!!!!

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